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Real Stories

Hear from some of the men whose lives have changed since attending Man Up. Their backgrounds, challenges and successes since joining the Man Up Brotherhood.

These stories are proof that ManUp works and 'The Man Up Brotherhood' is the solution to freeing our men and healing our society.


Facing depression and suicide on a daily basis, Jacob became an insomniac and couldn't sleep. Asking his wife if he could take his own life, Jacob and his wife ran out of options until they found Man Up.


When times got tough between Mike and his partners, Mike ran from his problems instead of facing them. Since attending Man Up, Mike has learnt about being a running man and the responsibilities we father's have towards our children, our partners and our communities.


Born and raised in Tonga and then moving to NZ, Sinali experienced the challenges of coming to a new country and starting again. He became suicidal after losing hope until a friend at work invited him to Man Up, the rest is history.


Losing his father at a young age, Niko was forced to grow up too young. Helping his mother and siblings, he chose a path that led him to prison for 3 years. With the support of his partner and Man Up, Niko now takes responsibility and raises his own family.

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